Guunuwa - Yr Independent Wilderness Studies Program

The Guunuwa Residential Program is a unique opportunity to live deeply connected with your heart and soul through a year of deep immersion in wild nature.

If Guunuwa sounds like the Earth immersion journey you've been searching for we would love to connect with you! 

We have detailed INFORMATION PACKS and no obligation SKYPE CHATS on offer to help you make your decision. Or if you are ready to immerse yourself into the wilds and APPLY for the program just email Sam & Kate at

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Guunuwa Program Information

In offering this program we would like to recognise the traditional custodians of the land upon which your learning will take place – the Gumbaynggirr Nation.

The Guunuwa program is a 12 month residential program, with participants devoting a year of their life to listening, learning and living closely to nature.  Workshops held during the year teach a broad range of advanced primitive survival skills, personal awareness and earth connection tools in small and intimate group settings. We will also assist you in mastering specialist areas of knowledge through both group and solo wilderness experiences.

While there is a strong focus on community during the year there is also ample opportunity to experience the freedom of solo time in nature.  It is our vision for Guunuwa participants that both of these pathways will give rise to gainnig professional training in survival/awareness skills and deep personal transformation.

Ryan with shelter fire


Participation in the Guunuwa program invites you into a community based, semi-primitive learning environment. Singles, couples and families are all welcome.

Pre-requisites for the program include: at least 2 Nature Philosophy programs or other suitable training in survival skills.

As faciliators of this program we acknowledge that deep nature immersion will often elicit deep personal transformations, shadow self revelations and the need for healing old wounds. At all times we will seek to hold you on this journey with the highest integrity. We will offer teachings, tools and ongoing support during this process. It is our aim to create a supportive community where we can all deepen our understanding of our relationship to the earth as our ultimate guide and provider of life.

The following areas of study will be offered during the program. Please read our workshop descriptions for a more in-depth understanding of the workshops and our facilitators:

  •          Advanced Shelter construction
  •          Local indigenous land use
  •          Indigenous inspired Communal Living Skills & Mentoring
  •          Advanced Bird Language & Animal Tracking
  •          Primitive fire and its application in a primitive
  •          Plant identification, bush foods & medicinal herbs
  •          Advanced Basketry & string making
  •          Primitive pottery & soap making
  •          Skinning & tanning animal hides - making your own clothes, bags and shoes
  •          Primitive spears and traps
  •          Hunting Skills
  •          Advanced awareness & movement training
  •          Weather systems and interpretation
  •          Survival, wandering and bush orienteering skills
  •          Vision Quest
  •          Indigenous Philosophy

Nature Philosophy instructors and specialist guest instructors will teach these skills mainly during the first 9 months of the program. However, the first step for each residential participant will be to consider their basic survival needs and construct a primitive shelter in which to live for the year.

Each new skill which is introduced will build upon the last and when taken as a whole will form a comprehensive naturalist knowledge base for short to long term survival in the Australian bush.

Pottery Firing


As the year progresses residential participants will be encouraged to apply these skills more fully in both day-to-day activities and in survival settings. Further deepening your surrender into the wild abundance of Mother Earth.

There will be on-going MENTORING available for participant’s through-out the year from live-in Mentors, visiting instructors and  local community elders. As a community we will come together each full moon to form a women’s and men’s circle. These circles are a place for sharing personal stories and receiving support. Our aim as facilitators will be to foster each participant’s personal motivation and passion so they can deeply immerse into this life changing experience.

COST: $7,500 for 12 month program - includes all land use, all workshops/tuitorials, regular mentoring and relevant workshop materials. All other living costs and associated tasks are the responsibility of the participants. 

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