Nature Philosophy WOMEN's Online Program is now OPEN!

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Warm Greetings,

I’m thrilled to announce Nature Philosophy WOMEN’s 5 Week Online program is now OPEN!

This program will unearth your feminine power, allow you to dance out of cycles of crisis and firmly ground you in embracing your unique soul’s journey.

Feminine Mastery teaches the skills to bomb proof your personal power and find your organic connection to pleasure, desire and joy.


You can find out all about this 5-week transformational journey HERE.

The Feminine Mastery Program is a step by step training which contains weekly Wisdom Downloads, LIVE group sessions, LIVE Q&A’s and personal support sessions.

It will enhance your connection to your soul’s wisdom…

and build your capacity to feel truly safe in your body…

It is designed as a deep healing journey allowing you to safely move through layers of pain, shame and disconnection… returning you to truth and your authentic feminine self.

We are closing registrations in a week’s time on midnight, Sunday the 18th November - so if you are feeling the call to JOIN you can do so HERE,

OR if you would like to book a FREE 30 min session with me to find out if this is a soul fit for you, click HERE.

I’m excited to share in the journey ahead as we embark on redefining what it means to be earth connected, feminine and pumping with soul power!

In Connection,

Kate Rydge
Founder Nature Philosophy WOMEN & Nature Philosophy AUSTRALIA


"Thank you Kate, honestly one hour with you is like ten years of therapy. Pure gold." Alex Kremnos

"Having been to the ‘best’ psychologists and psychotherapists in my time, none of them came close to helping me as much as Kate has. She has a gift of helping one see a different way, when you think there is no other way. Her perceptive skills and deep knowing are spot on. I cannot recommend Kate Rydge highly enough." Diana Rose

“Kate is a truly wise and highly aware mentor that can take the willing apprentice on a journey of spiritual growth and freedom. Mentoring with Kate over the last two years has accelerated my path of evolution, knowledge, and integration… Kate’s gifts of compassion, highly attuned listening, and feminine perspective is a unique treasure in my life." Rain Czupryna

“Kate offers ancient teachings to a modern world that so badly needs to find a connection to it’s primal roots." Rachel Tabone

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