SUNRISE Morning Show - Just f**king WOW!!


We have just been out in the pristine wilderness running a Vision Quest where a group of brave souls were seeking their spiritual truth and earth based healing... beautiful high octane expansive stuff!

So to come home and be greeted by the SUNRISE Morning Show is quite a shock.

We have to speak out when fellow white Australians get it so horribly wrong!!

The SUNRISE all white commentary and in particular the statement that the Stolen Generation children were taken away from their families “for their own well being” feels like a smack in the face to the whole nation!

It’s an undeniable collective white shame that we “stole” children from their mother’s arms because we wanted to breed the black out of Aboriginal people.

Let’s own it Australia - our ancestors collectively wanted black Australia wiped out.

Aboriginal people all over this country are burdened by this horrific intergenerational trauma and the cultural institutional racism which allowed it to happen.

The echoes of these actions are powerfully still alive today.

It makes my skin crawl when “white experts” comment on Aboriginal life when they have probably never spent 1 day with an Aboriginal Community. Let alone have the balls to hear from Aboriginal people about how the WHITE INVASION has drastically altered the course of their lives.

In our cultural ignorance we have been blind sighted to the phenomenal wisdom Aboriginal people hold.

Collectively do we have the strength to admit that historical AND current political policies are still covertly attempting to make black Australia act like, live like and even feel like white people.

We don’t need to continue to create trauma. We don’t need to stay ignorant anymore Australia. We can’t change what our ancestors did but we can work towards healing this national shame.

Aboriginal people are the elders of this nation and as the elders they deserve our collective love and respect!

The collective Aboriginal nations have looked after this land for countless generations so we can now enjoy the lives we lead. They still understand the principles of how to live sustainably on this land, how to love the land and how to listen to the land.

Aboriginal people deeply understand how to live in harmony - not just through land management but also through community and parenting. Their community and parenting principles are powerful. I know this from first hand lived experience.

Where are the white policy makers who understand this? Where is the collaborative process? Where are the policies which cherish Aboriginal kinship connections and heal the trauma we have caused? Where is the political vision of healthy thriving Aboriginal communities, flourishing under their own self determination?

Collectively we don’t listen - we don’t listen to what Aboriginal people are saying they need to heal and flourish.

I guess you can tell but this Sunrise debacle of a debate irritates me, angers me and deeply saddens me. Mostly because there will be a huge amount of the Australian population who listen and agree! Please don’t believe these white experts. Listen to Aboriginal people and think more deeply about what our INVASION has done to their thriving advanced earth based culture.

Those of us that can see how precious every single Australian Aboriginal person is please join in voicing your concern.

Share this post, write your own, talk about it to your friends/family, in some way STAND UP and support the healing of Aboriginal Australia.

If we can all heal from the trauma of our INVASION we can all author a powerful earth connected future.

There are countless indigenous Australians putting out their hands to the nation and wanting connection and a good future together. Let’s stop the blame cycle, take their hands and walk together!

In Connection,



Nature Philosophy