A Game Changing Event - Tom Brown Jr on Australian Soil


“The true Quest in life is to live the philosophy of the Earth within the confines of man. There is no church or temple we need to seek peace, for ours are the temples of the wilderness. There are no spiritual leaders, for our hearts and the Creator are our only leaders…But we must walk within society or our Vision dies, for a man not living his Vision is living death."

Tom Brown Jr, The Quest

I have always deeply resonated with Tom Brown Jr’s Spiritual Teachings because he manages to always keep pace with my own personal discoveries about spiritual truth. And by spiritual truth I mean in the body, grounded, earth based, “YES I GET IT IN MY GUT!” truth!

There is a big difference today between common knowledge “spiritual wisdom” and earth based shamanic wisdom. Shamanic indigenous wisdom is passed down through direct teaching from person to person stretching back many hundreds if not thousands of years.

Tom Brown Jr has always taught from this place of representing an ancient lineage of Southern Lipan Apachee trackers, healers and mystics. Tom is a recognised elder and father figure to a world-wide community of people who love the earth and are also working to save her.

Tom’s teaching style is direct, masterful and full of power. He has been teaching tirelessly for over 40 years, passionately beating the drum of earth wisdom and his lived experience of power. And boy can he pack a punch. I’ve seen him give talks which reduce massive crowds of tough survivalists to tears, teach hundreds of students to access the most sublime states of silence and share pathways to the highest veils of spiritual healing.

As my mentor, he has many countless times known exactly what I needed to hear to quicken me in my spiritual journey. I’ve walked past him bone dead exhausted only to have him gently touch my shoulder and instantly I’ve been flooded with energy and renewal.

Tom might look like an ordinary guy but trust me he carries a huge amount of healing power. It’s not a normal thing for everyday humans to be as powerful as he is, but I believe the potential of all human beings is to explore and claim that power for themselves.

I’m excited that people in Australia will have the opportunity to claim their own power and learn from him this year in October. In his Philosophy & Temples class he will be combining the foundational elements of his Philosophy wisdom with the wisdom of direct body contact with your Soul. He will be assisted by Malcolm Ringwalt, who some of you already know through Vision Quest and 7 Levels of Quest.

I know the Temples of the Soul classes have been game changers for many people already. Here is more on the program as written by Tom…

“It was only a few years ago that I began to teach the Temples of the Soul class where instead of moving outwardly spiritually the student moved inwardly to a deeper sense of knowing and understanding. Though these Temple Teachings came in the later years, I’ve found that any student can understand, fully embrace and ultimately master these very powerful and life changing teachings. The Temples of the Soul was one of the most powerful and moving events in my life and a driving force that clarifies all other areas of the spirit and spiritual being.”
Tom Brown Jr, 2017

We are currently taking bookings for this teaching event which runs from 21st - 30th October, 2018. If you feel called to join us get in touch and claim your place by booking online HERE

To learn more about Tom Brown Jr and his epic life experiences and philosophy I can recommend any of his books, although my favourites are “The Tracker”, “Grandfather” and “The Vision”.

In the hope of inspiring you all I’ll be sharing some excerpts from Tom's books through out the coming months.

Look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

In Connection,

Kate Rydge
Nature Philosophy Co-Founder

Kate Rydge