EVERY ONE seems to desire to feel spiritually powerful these days!

When we begin to wake up and pursue our quest for spiritual purpose we are usually lead first to external frameworks - gurus, rituals, feathers, drums, signs from the universe! Not that there is anything wrong with a great guru, a beautiful sacred ritual, drums, feathers and signs.

These are all wonderful reflections of our internal transformation in desiring greater purpose on our path. Who hasn't asked the universe for a sign. I know I have! It helps us feel more connected if we feel isolated or gives us more confidence in making important life decisions.

But eventually on everyone's spiritual path we come to a crucible of need and we find ourselves turning to the one place where true personal power and purpose really exists. In the body where our soul is housed.

I truly believe in this modern world to genuinely connect with the power of our soul the most direct path is through unexpressed emotions stored within our body. Many times this is trauma but not always. We can store a range of undigested experiences, things like faith, innocence, creativity, connection, purpose and sexual expression.

These ranges and layers of unexpressed experiences and emotions can get stuck in our bodies and distort the flow of our soul's essence. Often forming the stuck and limiting frameworks for how we feel about ourselves, others and the world.

The more we carry, the greater the distortion.

When we turn towards that which we carry we must cultivate the courage to feel fully. We start to see life as an opportunity to unfreeze the mechanics of our body's system and we unlock a deep reservoir of power within us.

We unlock our body's ability to let our spiritual essence freely flow in any given moment. No external bells and whistles needed. Just you and your body, any where, any time, doing anything in the world.

Indigenous Yolngu female elders are masters with this style of flow. The entire Yolngu culture masterfully parents children to allow for full emotional flow and as a result when their children reach adulthood they are not bound with a heavy load of unexpressed pain or unexpressed freedom. Numerous times I have witnessed sage like Aboriginal elders begin to cry as freely as a child. Fully trusting the mechanism of their body in its expression of moment to moment emotions.

They are always transformed afterwards into deep states of embodied silence and nature connected awareness.

These truly powerful and soulful ways are inherently human and they always start from WITHIN - from within our beautiful hearts and beautiful bodies.

I welcome you to join with me in building your internal fire bright. Bright enough that we can all learn to artfully transform any distortions of our true connected state.

In Connection,

Kate Rydge

Co-Founder Nature Philosophy Australia

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Kate Rydge