Time feels like it has taken on sublime qualities, where any semblance of a linear reality is long forgotten…

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We've been back from our Arnhem Land travels for just over a month and sometimes every moment feels so compressed and full. Full of our own internal drive to share our vision and full of the global awakening which has been rapidly advancing.

I am in no doubt we are living through a phenomenal time of transformation and possibility here on earth. The body of the earth is calling louder and louder.

Calling for humanity to wake up and collectively grasp the fundamental organic truth of our intimate connection to the earth and our responsibility as caretakers of her creation.

The questions we are all asking...

“Will it be enough?”

“Will enough of us wake up and create change so we can avoid a full system collapse?”

The reality is we don’t know the answer, so we can be left desperately uncertain if our local efforts are making a difference.

A nagging and pervasive anxiety can build which saturates our lives from moment to moment. More than ever we need humans who are prepared to take a stand for the earth and demonstrate our capacity to honour our sacred task as caretakers.

More than ever it matters that nature connected humans back themselves to stand up and become vocal leaders and change makers.

It can feel like a huge amount of pressure!  

Rage, despair, panic, hopelessness - when it all flows it can be a messy wild ride, in our heads and hearts. Acting out in rage from this place, freezing, giving way to despair or allowing panic to take hold will surely mean moving forward out of alignment with our cultural power and the essence of your soul level intelligence.

I would love to invite you to consider that this global transformation is your transformation.

I would love to invite you to consider that your personal journey of awakening is inextricably linked to the current awakening in global consciousness.

That every ounce of the journey you are experiencing is necessary. That you can make your environmental efforts count by allowing the intense waves of these transformational times to be mastered as fuel for your soul level growth and personal power.  
I would love to invite you to consider the energy that flows through you and which you carry in your body counts and makes a difference.

What we individually and collectively believe is a power which creates.
If you believe humanity is broken then broken we will be and actively out of sync with the potent phase of rebirth and renewal, which is so essential for transformation to truly take hold.

There is so much to say about the importance of owning the power of these tumultuous times so you can be effective in your vision to create a sustainable future.

Sam and I discussed this very topic on our recent Fiery Fridays episode. If you missed it you can watch us HERE, live on our Facebook page.

To take this discussion deeper, Sam and I are keen to offer a FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY CALL where you can be witnessed as a conscious and awake human, looking for solutions to the current environmental crisis.

On this call we would love to share with you direct strategies which have helped us stay on point with our spiritual task and able to grow our personal power even in the face of environmental despair and disaster.  

If this sounds like something you would like to share in you can email us at info@naturephilosophy.com.au and write TRANSFORMATION CALL in the Subject line. We’ll be in touch and take it from there…

In Connection,

Kate Rydge

Founder Nature Philosophy Australia

Photo Credit: the amazing Kate Would

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