And the WINNER is...


And thank you so so much to everyone who penned such stunning personal stories of epic deep nature connection.

As we shared on yesterday’s Fiery Friday Face Book LIVE, Sam and I were so touched by each and every story.

One of the core themes written about was the natural world’s ability to connect with us when we are in our greatest times of need.

Your stories spoke of visions, land communication, trees taking your pain and animals at critical times in life reaching out to you. Often your experiences of deep nature connection made for life changing moments of soul purpose, clarity and oneness.

If you missed us chatting about this on our most recent Fiery Fridays Broadcast you can catch it HERE.

If you sent a story please check your email over the next few days. We will be sending everyone who joined the competition a GIFT VOUCHER as a way to say a big heart-felt thank you. It was very hard to choose a “winner”!

Maiki’s story felt so grounded and spoke to us about the phenomenal power the most simple moments contain. We’ll be sharing more of the inspiring stories we received over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that in your inbox.  

On a much more sober note, we only found out about the massacre in New Zealand after our Fiery Fridays check in. Words escape me to respond appropriately to such an evil act. We really are in such a huge time of transformation on earth and in the wake of this sort of massive tragedy it can be difficult to see more than just darkness and chaos at play. Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in New Zealand.

In some small way I genuinely hope Maiki’s story uplifts you. Reminding you of the power of nature connection and the capacity of your human spirit to make it through your darkest hours.

We have linked Maiki’s story as a BLOG post HERE…

In Connection,

Kate & Sam

Kate Rydge & Sam Robertson
Founders Nature Philosophy Australia

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