The Darkest Day is Upon Us!

The shortest & darkest day of the year is such a collective turning point, and I couldn’t think of any better timing to have planted the seeds of our new Teacher Training program for Nature ONE.

The approach of the Winter Solstice here on the North Coast, NSW has felt like an elemental contrast of warm sunny days, early evenings and cool dark nights.

Traditionally the Winter Solstice was a time where our pagan ancestors would gather to welcome the rebirth of the sun through the moon… with the full moon just passing it certainly feels like there has been a similar celestial movement through our human awareness.

I’ve often sat transfixed, hearing elders speak of holding a clear and purposeful intention in the dark as an organic pathway for bringing creation into manifest form.

Organic darkness is a potent force in creation.

I hope you can stop for a few minutes tonight to lean into the beauty and nourishing mystery of organic darkness.

I love imagining you, me and all in our community rugged up and sitting outside – connected as we share in surrendering to the night.

In Organic Darkness & Connection,

Xx Kate

Kate Rydge
Founder, Nature Philosophy

Photo Credit: Eskipaper

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