Bush survival &

nature awareness


Transform your connection to the earth by joining Nature Philosophy's core survival skills & deep nature connection programs...


Nature ONE

NATURE ONE is Nature Philosophy's core survival skills program.

It is a rejuvenating wild bush adventure in which we share a broad range of in-depth survival skills, nature connection activities & wild sourced wisdom.


Wild Awareness Online

WILD AWARENESS has been the natural ecstasy of the ages, with many an earth based mystic questing for its wild sourced power and gifts.

Are you ready to remember your potential within this powerful world?

Is WILD AWARENESS calling you?


Nature TWO

NATURE TWO deepens your understanding and skills in bush survival, wild awareness and earth based philosophy. 

We will cover a range of new hands on skills, dive more deeply into body movement and start to explore the use of wandering and silence powerful avenues for deep nature connection. 


Guunuwa - Wilderness Living Immersion Programs

The Guunuwa Immersion Program is a unique opportunity to explore mastery of earth based living through tribal and solo time in nature. The Guunuwa program is a deep immersion into the magic of wild nature, with each participant making a commitment to spend a year away from Western culture and the comforts of the modern world.