It’s easy to get trapped in waking up everyday in despair, worrying about the state of the environment. Feeling like the system is just too big to change and yet dreaming of a tangible way to lead humanity home to the earth.

You don’t need to stay stuck and give way to the current crisis and despair.
Through teaching and sharing the power of earth connection you can become a powerful change agent who crafts the solution to our environmental crisis.

We did it and we know you can to.
We have designed a new training program which empowers you as a cultural change agent, quickens your spiritual growth and supports your career.

Sam, JJ and I have decided to offer a Nature ONE Teacher Training Program which will span 6 months and take you in depth into the mindset, skills and magic of facilitating transformational Deep Nature Connection Programs.


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We believe we do have the power to protect the natural world through education and positive action!

We have developed this Teacher Training program so you can take the power of earth connection into any sphere of Western culture.
We will be using the Nature ONE program as a template for you to develop your own transformational nature based experience.

Your mission is not to copy the Nature ONE experience but to learn (and master) the key ingredients for deep nature connection, transformation and personal growth, necessary in any program.

This process is a lot like learning how to weave a basket….

Where the basket is the program container in which participants are held to have their experience. How you weave your basket will determine what people can, and can not, experience.

We are ready to show you how to weave in a way that deeply reaches people and facilitates true deep nature connection, growth and transformation.

During this 6mth journey you will:

  • Quicken the growth of your personal power

  • Deepen your dirt time and direct experience with introductory to advanced nature connection skills,

  • Walk away with a ready to run, targeted and unique transformational nature based program,

  • Learn powerful presentation & communication skills,

  • Learn how to use online marketing and business knowledge to successfully run your own business.

All of which will set you apart from the crowd and give your offering a compelling and magnetic nature.  

The sky is really the limit as you craft, with our guidance, a program suited to schools, government departments, community groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, families and the general public.



We need Teacher Trainers who are ready to work with us and join the ranks of Earth Protectors!

This is where your intention, commitment and personal energy comes in as a critical factor in your success. Your passion for the earth is magnetic and compelling if you understand how to harness it and offer it out into the world.

During our 6mths together we will help you understand the power of your intentions and passion and how to authentically and holistically market yourself out into the world.

We are ready to ignite a fire with you so you genuinely know you are driving your life from your passions and vision.


Sam and I have been crafting earth based transformational programs for over 15 years.
We have successfully facilitated Australia’s only year long Wilderness Living program. Been written about in numerous books, quoted in the press and offered nature connection pathways to corporate companies, government departments and school groups - in the form of multiple to one day programs and everything in between!

We understand what it takes to develop a nature connection program which grabs the attention of your participant’s and transforms their connection to the natural world. Through your Teacher Training Program we are committed to offering you a unique program which includes all of the heart and power that has come to define our many Nature Philosophy programs.


There is a huge increase in nature based programs and we are very aware of the growth in our area. We have also seen many members of our community start up transformational Nature Connection Programs, some successfully and some not.
We are keenly aware how challenging it can be to really understand how to take your own experiences in nature, your passion and wisdom and craft a program which gets noticed, makes money and helps pay the bills.

We really want to help.

We truly believe that Deep Nature Connection programs have the power to transform cultural institutions and craft a sustainable future defined by environmental sustainability and human well being.

If not us, then who will do this work? We know it is time for all of us to powerfully step up and guide our culture out of crisis.


One of the aspects of our business model which makes our experience unique is our long standing and genuine connections to numerous Australian indigenous communities.

Offering culturally appropriate nature connection programs where you are working with your local mob is a critical step in earth based culture repair.
We can share with you key cultural considerations for engaging with indigenous communities and how to develop long lasting and real relationships which repair invasion trauma.

So many people these days are seeking a deeper connection with indigenous elders but due to our huge cultural differences we often come off as tokenistic in our approach.
Without you knowing, this often pushes away the most knowledgeable elders who are powerful and inspiring leaders.

We can help you to understand the complex issues of cultural repair and cultural respect. And empower your ability to build strong and real connections to your relevant indigenous communities.



Upon successful completion of your training you will be a Nature Philosophy CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR and be able to use a special logo on your marketing materials to that effect. We will also recommend you on our website and we will support your business in any way we can with networking and program referrals.

We are often asked to run school and community programs which we just don't have the time to manage. It would be a blessing for us to support you to do this work and grow the Vision of a sustainable future together. 
Completing this training will also make you eligible to join an additional 6mth Teacher Training program which would see you join our business and set up your own range of Nature Philosophy Programs any where in the world.

This specialised training would result in a collaborative partnership whereby you can use our program schedules and shared marketing materials for the Vision Quest, Wild Village and Nature ONE programs.

Joining our team as a branch of the Nature Philosophy business is a next level training and is by invitation only.
This is an exciting next step for us as our vision grows and we welcome you to be in touch if you feel called.

Your Teacher Training program begins before our next Nature ONE program which runs from 29th October – 3rd November, 2019.

This learning will take place through a series of dedicated Teacher Training Program offerings:

  • 2 x In person Teacher Training programs

  • 2 X Live Nature ONE programs where as a part of the team you observe and support as we deliver the program.

  • Hands-on experience as a part of the Mentor Team at the Wild Village Family Camp

  • Group and 1-1 Support as your craft your business and transformational program

  • Final Sweat Lodge Ceremony to mark the completion of the program


We recognise this program will demand a certain level of commitment and stepping up from you the participant.
It may also ask that you own your unique gifts and personal power in a new and more tangible way. So undoubtedly on your personal journey through this program there will be some clearing out of the old to make way for the new.

We understand this can be challenging and needs a solid level of support (a strong basket) and that is why we have ongoing support offered through the program in both group and 1-1 formats.

7 x Group Coaching Calls
These calls are a way for you to receive key Modules of your Teacher Training materials. To work your process in a supportive team environment, stay in touch, check in, receive feedback and have your questions answered.
SCHEDULE: Every month on a Tuesday. Dates to be advised.

Personal Support Sessions
3 x 60 mins Personal Support Sessions with either Kate or Sam.

Daily Home Practice
We will also be inviting you into a daily nature connection practice which will act as a quickening of your personal development and general nature based skill set.

In Person Trainings
26th - 27th October 2019 - INITIATION WEEKEND - Teacher Training Program commences  with your first dedicated group process as one tribe. We will hold a Sweat Lodge Ceremony to recognise your commitment, clarify our shared purpose and begin the program.
29th October - 3rd November 2019 - Nature ONE - Attendance as a Teacher Trainer where you help support behind the scenes and learn what it takes to facilitate Nature ONE.
28th November - 1st December, 2019 - Teacher Training Intensive - This program will focus on enhancing your skills of nature connection and survival and your specific program development, presentation and holistic marketing skills.
11th - 18th January, 2020 - Wild Village Family Camp Mentor Experience - Gain invaluable hands on experience with holding space for families to reconnect to the natural world
6th - 9th February, 2020 - Teacher Training Survival Experience - 4 days of tribal survival with Sam, JJ and Kate as your lead guides (need we say more!).
1st - 5th April, 2020 - Nature ONE - Attendance as a Teacher Trainer where you once again help support behind the scenes and also help deliver specific parts of the Nature ONE program.
7th April - Sweat Lodge Ceremony - Ceremony to recognise the completion of the program.

*You must attend the majority of the in-person and online components of the program in order to graduate.


To be eligible for this program you need to be an existing graduate of Nature ONE
OR under special circumstances we will also consider applications from you if you already have extensive experience in sharing bush craft, solo wilderness camping, nature therapy, nature connection and survival.
We will definitely consider any genuine application so please just reach out to confirm if this program is a fit for you.

*If you have yet to take Nature ONE and you are keen to participate in the Teacher Training we suggest you attend Nature ONE prior to the start of the program.

*There are limited spots available so please make sure you get in touch if this training speaks to you.


Stay tuned for Nature ONE Teacher Training 2020 details…

We are so excited to hear from you and really encourage you to reach out to apply for the program.

Warmly & In Connection, Kate & Sam

Nature Philosophy, Founders

To Apply for 2020 - you can email to BOOK A CALL