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LEARN the art of Feminine Mastery

EXPERIENCE the joy of embracing your greatest power


I work exclusively with women who are seeking genuine transformation and ready to deeply dive into their authentic feminine self.

Through sharing the skills of Feminine Mastery I can show you how to harness the power of your soul's journey and learn to live a life full of abundant earth connection, meaning and passion.

I welcome the opportunity to work together and support your authentic growth, personal healing and deep inspiration.

I offer One on One Sessions, Personal Intensives and 3mth month Mentoring Programs which are specifically tailored to meet your unique needs. Working with me will be a transformational journey.

If you are ready to heal and find your super powers I would LOVE to work with you!

To contact me about working together, email at kate@naturephilosophy.com.au

In Connection,




Sessions with me are heart felt and deeply respectful explorations of what is happening in life as you perceive it. As we explore your direct experience we can identify opportunities for your transformation through your greatest life's challenges. Through the doorway of mastery of your emotional world we can journey together towards your personal strength and effortlessly bring power to your work in the world.



Are you clear on what your feminine Soul desires to offer in the world but lack the clarity and power to make it happen?

Often the initial answer is simple yet difficult - we need to feel what we have been avoiding and digest what we are carrying. In so doing we take full responsibility for who we are and birth a new phase of personal responsibility and sovereignty in our life.

Through unlocking our stored life experiences we naturally begin to feel more clarity and power flow through our body. When we learn the art of transformation in the emotional body we can powerfully move through challenging feelings of grief, loss, shame, anger, depression and anxiety.

In sessions together I can show you how these simple body based movement techniques can be integrated easily into your life, bringing you greater healing and joy. When as women we learn to master the emotional body we can more easily access deeper states of spiritual joy, pleasure through our body and the deep nourishment of connection.

When we play, mother, connect, love and work from this place within us, we are aligning our awareness with our deepest place of power. We naturally unlock our potential through deep connection and the full expression of our female body.   



Through gentle awareness techniques we can identify what is at the heart of your distress and release what you are carrying deep in your body.  Exploring what is carried in the body will allow you to reclaim significant parts of your being. This process of release will also trigger greater parts of your authentic self to be revealed - allowing you to access a genuine felt sense of internal stillness, wholeness and potency.

My therapeutic focus is to guide your awareness into the simplicity of the moment, from here we can use somatic body expression and narrative expression to release and balance.

Where suitable I can also offer an indigenous Soul Retrieval process to deeply reveal and heal unprocessed soul trauma.



I have a unique perspective on parenting through my extensive experience with traditional indigenous communities and my own journey of raising my two children with secure attachment.

There are intense pressures on mothers in the modern world. These pressures can make it extremely challenging to see the gifts of parenting and the unexpected personal gifts our children carry. I can offer numerous parenting techniques and frameworks which can refocus and balance your family relationships. I would love the opportunity to help you unlock the gifts of your parenting journey.



Understanding our purpose in life can bring our day to day existence out of the mundane and into the mystical.

Living a life of purpose can make every day an adventure filled with pleasure, growth, meaning and worth. I can help you to cultivate your understanding of your unique vision and purpose and tap this power. Learning how to be in deep intimacy with this critical part of our essence will melt your limitations and greatly expand your desires in the world.

Your vision and life purpose wells up directly from the unseen and eternal springs of the earth. Together I can show you how the mirror of the natural world and her wisdom will be your ultimate guide and healer.



A simple and effective way to go to your body and release peak emotions.








Vision Quest Mentoring is designed to support the greater unfolding of your personal vision.

After the Vision Quest ceremonial process we can have large amounts of held experience seek to move - sometimes this brings chaos and seeming instability into our lives. With support and guidance this quickening on our spiritual path can be harnessed to your personal benefit.

As women we have a unique ability to ride the waves of spiritual transformation. We can learn to welcome the challenges of living a life sourced from deep soul connection. 

I welcome the opportunity to support you on this journey.


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi




Mastery Programs suit women who are prepared to commit to a longer journey of discovery and genuinely look into their personal story. Together we can embark on an earth based healing journey which will unlock your feminine power and personal wisdom. 

3 month programs are particularly helpful if you find yourself stuck in unconscious patterns which block your capacity to experience purposeful action, safety, creativity and love.  

Through the use of specific awareness and healing techniques your capacity to cultivate an enriching life journey will once again be ignited. Your deep reservoir of inner stillness can be reawakened and your unique sense of rightness in your journey will once more become apparent. 

In each session we will dive into exploring your true essence, the spiritual wisdom of personal transformation and the skills of Feminine Mastery.



There can also come a time when we are called to move out of the day to day frameworks of life and into the greater mysteries of creation. A time where we are clear on the steps we need to take but need a greater power to bring it into reality. The 7 Levels of Quest address this movement. These teachings are best suited to women who are ready to fully commit their lives to a purpose beyond self.



I am available for one off sessions, Personal Intensives and 3 month Mentoring Programs.

I can connect via Phone/Skype or in person (Halfway Creek & Coffs Harbour, NSW and occasionally Sydney, Australia). I work predominantly with women and offer culturally sensitive sessions for indigenous Australians and LGBTQIA community members.

During the last 20 years I have worked extensively with people experiencing the following issues:

Crisis and Major Life Transitions, Spiritual Crisis & Renewal, Relationship Issues and Adolescent/Parenting Issues, Low Mood, Depression & Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Suicide, Addiction, Childhood Trauma via sexual, verbal and physical abuse, Life Instability, Excessive Fear of the dark and being alone in the wilderness, Body Image Dissatisfaction, Lack of Clarity and Purpose, Unclear Connection to your Place/Country.



I am a Female Mystic, Mentor, Counsellor, Weaver, Healer, Vision Quest Guide and Trainer.

I am a Co-Founder of Nature Philosophy Australia and BARE Weaving. These programs are my life's work and where I specialise in offering transformational Deep Nature Connection programs for women, men and families.

I have been deeply called in this life to seek ancient wisdom and preserve it in the modern world.  Over the past 20 years I have sat with and trained with mystics, shamans, indigenous elders and received training in numerous healing lineages. I have surrendered through many of my own spiritual quests and participated in indigenous earth based ceremony. The momentum of my own journey has lead me into many deep immersion experiences within the wilderness. Through these intense periods of surrender I have found a deep reservoir of natural wisdom.

My personal struggles have been powerful pathways to understanding how modern women can align with earth sourced power.  

I deeply understand how distressing life can be when we feel disconnected from the earth, from our true self and are stuck in emotional pain. I often use the mirror of the natural world to make clear areas where we are blocked and with my acute awareness cultivate greater spiritual wholeness, flow and power.

It is my life's mission to offer this wild sourced wisdom - bringing greater Feminine Mastery, earth connection, spiritual awareness and personal freedom into your daily life.

To work with me email - at kate@naturephilosophy.com.au and we can set up an initial 30 minute Skype chat.



EMAIL ME to explore how we can journey together - kate@naturephilosophy.com.au




ONLINE via Skype / Zoom