Personal programs empower your passion for life and makes clear your unique spiritual journey.

We can show you how to powerfully align and harness your soul's journey of transformation. Working with us will lead you out of stuck and painful life experiences into mastery of flow and aliveness.

We offer personal programs for women, men and teens.

If you're ready to redefine how you experience life and find your wild sourced wisdom we would LOVE to work with you!


Kate Rydge

I specialise in partnering with women who are ready to transform their relationship to the natural world, their soul and personal power.

In offering this work I desire to enhance your life with a deep knowing of the skills of Feminine Mastery, your authentic self and your unique offering in the world.

I offer Mentoring Sessions, Counselling, Soul Retrieval, Deep Nature Connection practices and wild sourced wisdom as pathways to transform and bring healing into your life.

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Sam Robertson

I offer a range of earth based transformational experiences for boys and men.

The ultimate goal of this work is to allow you to live your life's purpose from a place of male authenticity. Together we can explore what it is to be a man in the modern world and how you can stand in your personal masculine power.

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I welcome you to be in touch...