Kate Rydge

I’ve had a deep love for nature ever since I was a little kid. Even now I can remember moments of distress being softened by rolling around in the grass and absorbing the power of the sunshine, or spending hours up trees playing with dolls. It wasn’t until I finished my formal western schooling that I realised I had forgotten the deep nature connection I experienced as a child. The quest to remember has guided me to many inspirational experiences, teachers and mentors both here and in America. In particular I am very grateful for the teachings and mentorship of Tom Brown Jnr, whose Year Long Caretaking Program I participated in between April 2003 - April 2004. This year of semi-primitive living in the Pine Barrens Wilderness of New Jersey was deeply profound. Tom Brown Jnr also lead me to my Vision Quest Mentor Malcolm Ringwalt and built the foundations for my now deep love and family connections with my Yolngu family in North-East Arnhem Land. I am deeply devoted to offering Mentoring and Vision Quest here in Australia as I see it as a foundational pathway for reclaiming our sovereignty here on earth. I am commited to offering the Nature Philosophy stream of programs so I can contribute to this world a thriving community movement of earth reconnection.  I adore my kids, love spending time with my family, love wandering through life, looking at birds, gardening, sharing skills, making baskets and spinning a fire stick.



Sam Robertson

My love for the ocean and the quiet flow of the wilderness has led me to study and teach indigenous culture and primitive skills. In my twenties I travelled throughout Australia and the USA - learning, seeking and testing survival skills and knowledge. During this time I trained in survival, tracking and awareness at Tom Brown Jnr’s Tracker School USA.  I am a qualified Vision Quest Protector and Quest Protector Trainer and have been facilitating Vision Quest programs in Australia since 2007. My current passion is sharing primitive skill with men’s & boy’s groups - through local community programs and our yearly trips into the Mapuru Community of North-East Arnhem Land.


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Daniel White

For more than 20-years I have been committed to self-development and the exploration of the human psyche. Understanding my place in the world and in relation to others has become a focus and passion. I have embarked on many personal journeys and supported others through various forms of self-education. I have a Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching, Certificate in Holistic Counseling and have engaged in over 10-years of Somatic Psychotherapy.

Some of the oganisations I am proud to align myself with are; People Know How, where I completed The Turning Point, Life Death and Purpose, Mastery and Service and Up Front as both a participant and a voluntary service member. I have also developed a focus on the wellbeing of men and have participated in training through Nature Philosophy, where I completed the Guunuwa, Nature One and Two programs, went on the Men’s Living on the Country trip and completed many Vision Quests. I also attended programs through Mankind Australia. It is through these experiences I developed a true passion for earth-based skills and teaching and where I discovered my vocation for working with men.

I have participated in many sweat lodges and Ayahuasca Medicine Journeys exploring personal growth, healing and guidance. I have supported many other men through their process and found great fulfillment with each experience.

I am passionate about helping others find a more authentic happiness. I find peace by being in and at one with nature, connecting with others and promoting personal development. I have a strong connection with children and find great fulfillment in supporting them to grow to their full potential.



JJ Bruce

JJ is a qualified environmental scientist, who has spent many years exploring his relationship with nature. With a focus on sustainable living and preserving the natural environment, JJ has developed and refined his skills including, landscape and natural process interpretation, mapping and navigation, tree climbing and abseiling, handcrafts, hunting and gathering. Through initial Deep Ecology experience, JJ’s intuitive relationship with nature was reaffirmed. More recently, formal training by Sam Robertson and Katie Rydge through their Nature Philosophy program has provided a complementary framework for JJ to expand and explore his relationship with his environment, and be involved with the programs presentation.

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Ingrid River Stone

Through weaving I engage deeply with my natural environment.  The branches, leaves, roots, seeds and fruits of our native forests are the tools I work with.  In this way I engage in the wondrous alchemy of gathering and ordering the gifts of the land.  My passion is to inspire others to reconnect with nature through weaving. I work with several spiral weaving processes that have been handed down in unbroken lines by Indigenous peoples of Australia, the South Pacific and Africa for many thousands of years.  I have been working with natural fiber and dyes for close to 30 years.  My more recent journeys, both inner and outer, of the last ten years have shown me that this land is calling to us. Calling to be recognized and remembered.  I believe we come onto relationship with land through deep listening.  Join me in walking with intention and receptivity on the raw earth.  To gather, to be with and to create from the bounty on offer.

Since 2009, Ingrid has been mentored by a group of Yolngu women of the Gumadj and Dathawuy clans of North East Arnhemland.  As a kinship member of their community she continues to deepen her understanding of language, dance, food, land, kinship relationships and of course weaving, as part of Yolngu Rom (law).  

Ingrid has held weaving circles with pre schoolers, school groups, teachers, women’s groups and indigenous elders across NSW and S E Queensland.  She also runs weaving weekends for women as co-founder of BARE Weaving.