Spending a week in village dynamic, with such whole human beings, freed from the four walls of the dominant paradigm, in an expansive dance with the ecology of all that is, with no distractions from connection and from presence has totally opened up all the channels of my heart that were clogged with responsibility. 

What a beautiful feeling.

I am alive once more.

It feels akin to when I first became a mother: wonder, joyfulness, beauty, seeing through their eyes, playfulness, engagement, presence, I am awakened to their preciousness. I am awakened to their love. 

I am awakened.

Coming away, I wept at both gates.

Nature one & Two

 During these few days, life seemed to slow down, connections were deeply felt and challenges were resolved in a most natural and tribal way. I was unaware just how profound and transformational this time in the bush would be.
— Libby Perkins, Writer

I felt like there were all these instincts and senses waking up that I had never known existed…
— Andrew walker-morison, architect

I loved it, it was a practical and spiritual learning.
It has changed my life, my way of thinking
— Michelle Soo, Wellbeing Therapist

Vision Quest

The whispers of vision and the gratitude I feel for life is so strong. Old layers of pain, grief and suffering have moved and made space for the true essence of me. This Vision Quest for me is healing and truth at it’s most powerful, the disintegration of old ways of being making way for your soul to shine in the light that is it’s birthright.
Words cannot thank Kate and Sam enough for their guidance and love through this process. Their Humilty, integrity and huge hearts have inspired me deeply. Thank you for holding space for people like me to step into my life and vision with courage and a deeper honor for this earth.
— Jessie Cadden

The Vision Quest is a most precious and enriching experience. It has brought me in contact with myself and the magic and mystery all around me. I am in awe of the strength and clarity that continues to unfold inside of me.
— Petra H

Absolutely amazing!!!! Such a deep and powerful way to get in contact with The Creator, Mother Earth and your true self. Words can not properly express the gratitude I feel for the Vision Quest. Thank you
— D Hajinikitas.