Tom Brown Jr

NATURE PHILOSOPHY AUSTRALIA and NATURE'S APPRENTICE are thrilled to announce Tom Brown Jr's first ever Australian Tour!

Tom is America's most acclaimed outdoorsman, a renowned tracker, best-selling author and founder of The Tracker School. In October 2018, Tom Brown Jr, supported by Malcolm Ringwalt, will offer two intensive courses - Philosophy and The Temples of the Soul; and Tracking and Awareness. Both programs are usually only open to those who have completed the Standard Class at Tracker School. The prerequisite is being waived for Tom's Australian Tour. This is a unique one-off opportunity to learn first hand these powerful teachings, passed down through an ancient lineage.


10 Day Philosophy and Temples of the Soul

21st - 30th October, 2018

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Personal note from Tom Brown Jr...

Within the past few years I've found a way to take the two best areas of Grandfathers' spiritual teaching and combine them in a very powerful way.  Over the past 40 years of teaching I dedicated a full week to what is called the Philosophy I class and another week dedicated to the Temples of the Soul but now I've found a way to combine them both and subsequently give the student a more rounded understanding and mastery of the Spiritual skills that Grandfather taught. 

In these classes the student will learn the many healing techniques used by Grandfather as well as all of the other Spiritual and Temple foundations that are so necessary to leading the life of a healer and visionary.  We will go deep into the Sacred Silence, the power of Radiance, Inner Vision, Sensing Presence, Oneness the way Grandfather defined it, the power of invisibility, shadow walking, spiritual journeys and countless many other aspects that are too numerous to list here.  As I often warn folks that this class will rock the foundations of your belief systems yet not hinder in any way the religion that you practice.  It will have a profound enlightening effect on your life and you will never see life the same way again.  This I believe was the major part of Grandfathers' Vision and teachings and all that he dedicated his life to along with the lineage of elders before him.  

This class combines the best of both worlds and brings us to a full understanding of how Grandfather lived, experienced, and believed.

In Medicine,



"Grandfather spoke again, saying, "Trying to live a spiritual life in modern society is the most difficult path one can walk. It is a path of pain, of isolation, and of shaken faith, but that is the only way that our Vision can become reality. Thus the true Quest in life is to live the philosophy of the Earth within the confines of man. There is no church or temple we need to seek peace, for ours are the temples of the wilderness. There are no spiritual leaders, for our hearts and the Creator are our only leaders. Our numbers are scattered; few speak our language or understand the things that we live. Thus we walk this path alone, for each Vision, each Quest, is unique unto the individual. But we must walk within society or our Vision dies, for a man not living his Vision is living death."        
Tom Brown Jr, Grandfather


Tracking & Awareness - 7 day Intensive

12th - 18th October, 2018

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This is a class Tom designed specifically for the AU trip! In forging this class Tom will be pulling the elements of tracking and awareness from his Standard class and combining them with the advanced practices and knowledge from the Advanced Tracking and Awareness class and a few practices from his very popular Scout classes. This way there are no prerequisites needed.

"When we track, we pick up a string. At the far end of that string a being is moving, existing, still connected to the track that we gaze upon. The animal's movement is still contained in that track, along with the smallest of external and internal details. As we follow these tracks, we begin to become the very animal we track. Our awareness expands from the animal we have become to the landscape it reacted to and is played by. We feel the influence of all things that surround us and our awareness expands from our consciousness to the mind of the animal and finally to the very cosmos. In tracking and awareness, then, there can never be a seperation. One without the other is but half a story, and incomplete picture, thus an incomplete understanding. It is the track that connects us to that grand consciousness and expands us to limitless horizons."
Tom Brown Jr, The Science and Art of Tracking

The class will begin with several days where you focus on the physical art and science of tracking. Beginning with the basics of track identification, gait, and elementary pressure releases on easy landscapes you will progressively build your skill through more difficult terrain. Then the class will enter more advanced pressure release study where you will learn to read animal movement across a landscape with great clarity and detail. These tools will allow you to track on all surfaces from solid rock faces and boulders, to gravel, sand, debris, grasslands and even inside of buildings and houses. The class will also get into advanced “sign tracking” which includes the area surrounding all tracks, as well as learn team tracking and rapid tracking methods. Throughout, you will be pushing limits so that when Tom is done, people will be able to see a landscape through Grandfathers’ eyes.

In the next section of the class, you will go deeply into the driving force behind the Ancient Apache Scouts, the Sacred art of Awareness. Grandfather considered Awareness to be the most important physical skill that one could possess for without an intense level of awareness most if not all skills will never be mastered. Yet it was not just on the physical level that awareness was stressed because he also said that Awareness was the most important spiritual skill as it is the basis for all spiritual awakening into what Grandfather called the Sacred dimension of life. This class will bring the student to a place of acute awareness that the Ancient Apache Scouts considered the heart of their mastery.

That being said, this class covers not just the foundations of Awareness such as the Sacred Question, Grandfathers’ Sacred Silence, and Wide Angle Vision but you will also learn to expand your awareness over a larger landscape, reading the Concentric Rings of a forest and learning to discern the background symphony that every place emits. You will also learn why and how modern folks have lost their awareness and also how to get those elements back into your lives every day whether you live in the bowels of a city or in the pathless wilderness.



COST: $1,150 + $115 GST


7 day INTENSIVE includes camping accommodation,

all food and EXPERT TUITION



DATES: Sunday 21st - tuesday 30th OCTOBER, 2018

COST: $1,450 + $145 GST


10 day WORKSHOP includes camping accommodation,

all food and EXPERT TUITION

About Tom Brown Jr

Tom Brown, Jr is America's most acclaimed outdoorsman, and a renowned tracker, teacher, and author. When Tom was only seven, Stalking Wolf (Grandfather), an Apache elder, shaman and scout, began coyote teaching Tom in the skills of tracking, wilderness survival, and awareness. After Stalking Wolf's final walk, Tom spent the next ten years wandering the wilderness throughout the America's with no manufactured tools - in most cases not even a knife - perfecting these skills and teachings. Tom came back to ‘civilization’ and began looking for people interested in all that he had learned, but found none. He felt lost and confused until a local sheriff who knew Tom called him in to track a lost person. Tom found the missing person and, in the process, found his Vision.

Over the next few years Tom earned his reputation as ‘The Tracker’ by finding lost people, and fugitives from the law. He has since worked with many law enforcement agencies, throughout the United States and internationally, on cases involving abducted children, lost hunters and hikers, and fugitives. He wrote about his experiences in a book titled The Tracker, which was published in 1978. Soon after, Reader's Digest ran a condensed version of Tom's story and included information on the Tracker School. That was almost thirty years ago, and today Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School is the largest of its kind, teaching people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Since the success of The Tracker, Tom has authored 16 books on tracking, awareness, nature observation and survival, including, Grandfather, The Vision, The Way of the Scout and a series of field guides, which have sold well over a million copies.

About Malcolm Ringwalt

Malcolm is the Founder and Director of the Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing (since 1985). He is a highly intuitive healer and teacher who has helped countless people progress along their life’s journey. Malcolm guides people into their timeless spiritual core by putting them on the path of their own heart. He runs vision quests, advanced quest-related programs, spiritual growth retreats, and personal intensives and counseling at locations nationwide. He has been on his spiritual path for over 45 years, has a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, and is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist. More importantly, perhaps the only thing that matters, he has been graced by the presence and teachings of several powerful spiritual teachers who have guided him to his own knowledge, including extensive study with Tom Brown Jr. Malcolm assists Tom teach the Philosophy series at Tracker School.

The Hosts

Kate Rydge from Nature Philosophy and Claire Dunn from Nature’s Apprentice are co-hosting Tom’s Australian tour. Both Kate and Claire studied extensively with Tom and Malcolm at Tracker School more than a decade ago, Kate completing the year-long Caretaker program. They are both honoured to be able to bring these teachings from such an intact lineage to Australia.


We acknowledge that we will meet and learn on Gumbanyggyirr country, the First Peoples of this land. We thank them for caring for the land and the waterways and value the sharing of their knowledge and stories. We pay respects to their Elders: past, present and emerging.