7 Levels of Quest

The 7 Levels of Quest encompass the total knowledge and experience of the Vision Quest. The 7 Levels of Quest have the capacity to free the seeker from the "modern mind" and powerfully initiate us into oneness & mystical awareness.

Offered by Kate Rydge, these quest practices are based on teachings passed down from Stalking Wolf (Lipan Apache elder and Shaman) through Tom Brown Jr. and Malcolm Ringwalt.


The 7 Levels of Quest are all unique pathways which make possible the integration of universal truth and oneness into our everyday life experience. 

These 7 spiritual pathways are dynamic practices which will meet you at your greatest point of need, regardless of your current spiritual understanding and place in life. 

The 7 Levels of Quest secure your potential to transform any hardship or painful life wound into purposeful soul experience. 

The first level of Quest is the ceremony of the Vision Quest and the other six Quests are movements within your perceptual awareness. All are found as components of the silence and power inherently available within the Vision Quest experience. If you were to continue to Vision Quest regularly for many years you would organically be lead to each of these 7 Quest movements.

The 7 Levels of Quest program was designed to quicken this process and make the power of the Vision Quest more readily available in everyday life.

Essentially the Quests directly integrate a ceremonial approach to oneness into the day to day bustle of modern life. This program includes group process, individual spiritual practice and key note presentations. It is a wonderful and deeply enriching program to participate in!

If you are interested in registering your interest please be in touch with Kate Rydge via our CONTACT US page.


COST: $990 (gst inclusive)

7 day program with all food, camping accommodation and tuition.


Please register your interest in this program - dates to be announced for 2018.