Women's Programs

Nature Philosophy's Women's Programs are facilitated group experiences which offer healing, fun and creativity for women of all ages. We welcome women to be in touch to join our BARE Weaving and Deep Soul retreats.

BARE Weaving

BARE Weaving Workshops birthed from Kate Rydge and Ingrid Riverstone's passion to share basket weaving skills with local women on the North Coast of NSW.

BARE Weavers Ingrid & Kate focus on weaving with local native plant fibres and only dye with natural materials. Joining us for a workshop will connect you with an ancient tradition of women’s wisdom and immerse you into a deeper connection with your local environment.


Women's Deep Soul Retreat

"Awake & Deeply Soulful, Embodied & Authentic, Tenderly open-hearted…"

Connect with women and share in deep soul awareness, sacred ceremony, nature connection and play.

The Deep Soul Retreat is offered by long-time friends and co-facilitators Kate Rydge & Rain Czupryna.

As we release and free our body from old unwanted patterns we can dive into the healing waters of the soul’s deepest essence - the authentic feminine you…Kate Rydge & Rain Czupryna