Deep Soul Retreat

Awake & Deeply Soulful, Embodied & Authentic, Tenderly open-hearted…"

Connect with women and share in Deep Soul Awareness, Sacred Ceremony, Nature Connection and Play.


The Deep Soul Retreat is offered by long-time friends and co-facilitators Kate Rydge and Rain Czupryna.

As we release and free our body from old unwnated patterns we can dive deeply into the healing waters of the soul’s deepest essence - the authentic feminine you…” Kate Rydge & Rain Czupryna

Leave feeling WHOLE AND CONNECTED – to your path of power and soul, your fellow women, our Mother Earth and Spirit.

  •  Sweat Lodge Ceremony,
  • Soul Retrieval Ceremony & philosophy of the soul,
  • Internal Family Systems group process to bring healing and wholeness,
  • Deep Nature Connection practices - Sit spots and basket weaving,
  • A healthy mix of depth and lightness, restful solo time and togetherness.  

The authentic feminine you? 

"As women we are surrounded by so many images, videos, songs, media and community voices who would suggest there is a pathway to being an amazing woman. A woman tapped into her authentic feminine.

Often it looks like a woman who can achieve anything a man can achieve. Or a woman who can achieve more than any other woman. A woman who is so healed and liberated by her authentic self expression she has managed to manifest for herself her best body, the perfect lover and a spectacular career.

The potency of life for this modern feminine archetype is achievement with ease and flow.

But what of the potency of a woman driven by awareness of her deep soul?

The Feminine Deep Soul lies beneath our ideas of what it is to be a good woman, a mother, a child, a lover and a friend. 

The Feminine Deep Soul is the very architect of our journey through life. She is the pulse which drives our story. 

She creates and destroys us as she weaves us into growth, moment after moment. 

She lies beneath the world we know as true and real. She welcomes us with the promise of true power and personal liberation. 

Our sacred wounds which distort her can be healed. 

Only the ancient traditions of the female shamans and healers can truly reveal her. 

She is the ultimate true pathway to the power of the female. 

She can be found."

cost: $545.00 


Includes camping accommodation, all meals and workshop faciliatation. VENUE: Glenreagh, NSW (mid-north coast)