Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is a sacred healing journey which powerfully reveals your personal truths and spiritual clarity.

Nature Philosophy's Vision Quest is an 8 day program, which includes 4 days and nights immersed in solo ceremony with wild nature.   

The simplicity and universal nature of this Quest ceremony means it works for people of all belief systems and religions. This includes any human seeking a deep connection to their life’s purpose through this ancient rite of passage.

We are honoured to walk this journey with you & welcome you to be in touch.

Vision Quest Ceremony

Vision Quest participants camp solo for 4 days and nights in supported solitude. The Vision Quest ceremony is a dance between the power of your inner voice, the stillness in the moment and the voice of the land which holds you.

In essence the Vision Quest is a fast from all things that are familiar in our normal life and includes fasting on water during the time spent in the Vision Quest circle.

Vision Quest Personal Mentoring

Whether you are participating in a Nature Philosophy Vision Quest or sitting in the bush solo we can help you to distill the potency of your Vision Quest experience.

Sam Robertson and Kate Rydge are both experienced Vision Quest participants, facilitators and guides. Sam and Kate both offer one off sessions and longer Mentoring Programs which support the unfolding of your Vision Quest transformation.


Quest Protector Training

Do you feel called to guide people on the powerful rite-of-passage that is Vision Quest?

Vision Quest Protector training is a comprehensive and intense 9 day initiation to become a Vision Quest Facilitator & Protector. 

7 Levels of Quest

The 7 Levels of Quest encompass the total knowledge and experience of the Vision Quest. Taken as a pathway each level offers to break us free from the "modern mind" and powerfully initiate us into mystical awareness.

Offered by Kate Rydge, these quest practices are based on teachings passed down from Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache elder and Shaman, through Tom Brown Jr. and Malcolm Ringwalt.