Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is a sacred healing journey which powerfully reveals your personal truths and spiritual clarity.

Nature Philosophy's Vision Quest is a 4 day solo wilderness ceremony which has been passed down from an ancient First Nations shamanic lineage. Kate and Sam have been facilitating this Vision Quest for over 15 years and are qualified to train Vision Quest facilitators here in Australia.

The simplicity and universal nature of this Vision Quest ceremony means it works for people of all belief systems and ancestral connections. This includes any human seeking a deeper connection to the power of their life’s purpose through this ancient wild sourced rite of passage.

We are honoured to walk this journey with you & welcome you to be in touch…

Kate Rydge & Sam Robertson

Your Vision Quest Guides

Vision Quest Ceremony

The Vision Quest ceremony is a dance between the power of your internal landscape, the stillness in the moment and the voice of the land which holds you.

Vision Quest programs run for 8 days with participants camping solo for 4 days and nights in solo ceremony with wild nature. At all times you are safely supported by our team of trained facilitators. The Vision Quest is available to any adult who is genuinely called and you do not need prior experience with camping to apply.

In essence the Vision Quest is a fast from all things that are familiar in your normal life and includes fasting on water during the 4 days and nights spent in the Vision Quest circle.

The Vision Quest will powerfully reveal your life purpose and critical areas of personal healing which are required so the fullness of your personal power can emerge. Every step in this sacred journey is held and supported by our experienced facilitators, which includes the option for more intensive personal support sessions both prior to and after your Vision Quest ceremony.

If you are ready to heal and claim the truth of your personal power we would love to share your journey with you.

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16th - 23rd NOVEMBER, 2019

25th april - 2nd may, 2020: mixed gender

24th - 31st october, 2020: women’s only vision quest


Quest Protector Training

Do you feel called to guide people on the powerful rite-of-passage that is Vision Quest?

Vision Quest Protector training is a comprehensive and intense 9 day initiation which begins your journey of becoming a Vision Quest Facilitator & Protector.

The program includes training in the skills of awareness, spiritual protection, the second level of quest, direct experience with holding protection for a real Vision Quest plus group and individual process. Included in your training is a thorough exploration of the personal, energetic and spiritual frameworks required to offer this powerful ceremony with awesome integrity.

This training will enable you to build a program based business as a Vision Quest facilitator in your local community. You will be equipped to offer rites-of-passage in the Stalking Wolf lineage to teens and adults at the completion of your training with more intensive mentoring also available to support your emergence as a Vision Quest facilitator.

It is a phenomenal pathway of service and personal transformation which calls to the true seeker of earth sourced spiritual wisdom. You are also welcome to apply if your calling is to focus on deepening your personal Vision Quest wisdom and learning the spiritual skills of protection rather than facilitation.

If you are ready to take your Vision Quest wisdom to the next level we would love to hear from you.

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3rd - 13th september, 2020