Nature One

NATURE ONE will rock your world by introducing you to the magic of bush survival skills & deep nature connection.

Your well being as a human is deeply connected to the health of the earth and her natural systems.

NATURE ONE takes you on a body-based journey which will transform your awareness of these systems and your critical connection to them.



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NATURE ONE is your chance to free yourself from the rush and chaos of your day to day existence. It’s your chance to drop into your body felt connection to the power of the earth through the ancient skills of survival.

Survival skills & deep nature connection practices are a powerful pathway which balances your inner landscape and deeply nourished your need for belonging and connection.

One of your biggest surprises at Nature ONE might be how deeply comfortable you’ll feel as a digital free, mud covered, wild, earth aligned human!!

Or how quickly and deeply you’ll drop into heart connection with the amazing humans who will share your NATURE ONE journey with you.

Excited to see you there!

In Connection,

Kate, Sam & JJ  


Are you ready for an epic 5 day digital detox?!

Are you craving the rejuvenating power of the natural world?

Are you ready for deep juicy time with a group of amazing humans all seeking connection and a wild adventure?

NATURE ONE answers these deep unmet needs by taking you on a crafted journey through a range of survival skills, nature connection activities and wild sourced wisdom. The journey is designed to transform your awareness and break you through into the world of deep nature connection.

NATURE ONE is always a huge amount of fun and deeply connects you into a global movement of tribal connected culture.

All of the skills you learn will keep you alive in the wilderness and radically enliven your camping adventures.

The program is packed full of direct experiences with earth based skills, all of which you can take home and master.


NATURE ONE take home skills:

• Shelter Construction
• Water Purification
• Hand Drill Primitive Fire
• Bird Language & Nature Observation
• Silence Meditations
• Survival Awareness & Movement
• Animal Tracking & Hunting
• Wild Harvested Bush Foods & Primitive Cooking
• Basketry & String Making

Nature Philosophy has a deep love and respect for indigenous culture!

We have spent over 12 years learning survival skills and the global principles of deep nature connection directly from our adopted Australian Aboriginal Yolngu family in North-East Arnhem land, NT. We believe survival skills courses are only complete when woven together with local indigenous wisdom.

During NATURE ONE we are very fortunate as local Gumbaynggirr Elder, Mark Flanders joins us to share stories about local Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal culture and yarn about traditional bush foods.


NATURE ONE is our core prerequisite program for more advanced survival programs, such as NATURE TWO, NATURE THREE, WILD AWARENESS ONLINE & THE YEAR LONG GUNUUWA IMMERSION PROGRAM. You can find out more HERE or be in touch with our team at



Sam Robertson, Kate Rydge and JJ Bruce, have extensive experience with being "on survival" and are passionate presenters who live what they teach. Sam, Kate & JJ have all spent considerable time learning from Australian Aboriginal elders and American survival skills experts.

Sam, Kate & JJ are each experts in the field of survival and nature connection. They have been teaching groups together for over 14 yrs and have each dedicated their lives to cultivating deep nature connection in Australia. Often found in huge bouts of laughter, they each love the epic adventure of passionately transforming the lives of our Nature ONE participants!


To find out more you can email us at

We're really excited to have you join us and look forward to hearing from you.

Cost: AUS $800 +gst

Price for the 5 Day Program includes GST, camping accommodation (BYO tent), wholesome food, all program materials, expert tuition & membership to private Nature Philosophy Facebook Group.


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