Wild Awareness Online


WILD AWARENESS has been the natural ecstasy of the ages, with many an earth based mystic questing for its wild sourced power and gifts.

Are you ready to remember your potential within this powerful world?

Is Wild Awareness calling you?

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Wild Awareness gave our global indigenous ancestors an edge in earth based survival. The world's indigenous ancestors mastered their human senses in such a way that the land, the plants, the animals and the cosmos all spoke to them through feeling, song, dance and story. They intimately understood the land as a conscious being and sustained themselves through out their life times by cultivating a consistent connection to this power. It would be a global calamity if we lost lost touch with this powerful way of living on this planet. We offer this work as a way to reignite this fire in your hearts and minds.

Wild Awareness is the language birds and animals use when interpreting and communicating the flow of the wilderness. It keeps an animal's instinct strong and helps ensure their daily survival. As humans we are instinctively able to understand this language and also use it to powerfully connect into the moment to moment flow across all environments. Through the mechanism of our bodies, our minds and emotions we can learn to align with this powerful state of conscious connection.

Once perceived and discovered this dynamic flow of stillness and movement allows us to claim our birth rite human awareness. Non-verbal communication with people, plants and animals can become a solid reality rather than just something we dream of from a past time or a forgotten culture.

Wild Awareness holds the promise that as modern humans we can once again live our lives through deep connection with each other and the natural world. Living from this place of connection we experience an unshakable sense of belonging and safety in life. We believe it is time for humanity to remember this power and break free from the isolation and limitations that exist in individual consciousness.

It is time for us all to remember humankind's natural state of belonging, mythical wisdom and visionary perception.

We have spent many years entering into deep nature immersion experiences, training with visionaries and learning from shamans/healers, all who have shared these skills of awareness. We have broken through our individual shells into deep states of consistent connection and we know this can be experienced by any one who is called to join us in this work. 

We look forward to sharing these experiences and remembering the power of Wild Awareness together.

"In WILD AWARENESS we embody our personal awareness with instinctual receptivity. Once safe within this openness and sensitivity we can begin to journey - beyond the limitations and beliefs of our physical reality towards the eternal. Immersed in this new world we glimpse the power of our human capacity..." Kate Rydge



This program is an introduction to the most grounded and useful concepts of Wild Awareness which relate to everyday life and your won deep nature connection journey. Through this call series our group will explore Wild Awareness concepts and deep nature connection through opening up to the energetic flow in the moment and non-verbal communication.

The WILD AWARE 6 Week On-Line Call Series will focus on growing your capacity with awareness through direct experiences of:

  • energy interpretation, discrimination and receptivity,
  • understanding and reading concentric rings,
  • ranges and layers of silence and the true nature of wild silence,
  • non-verbal communication with humans and plants.

Nature Philosophy nature immersion programs have been exploring the potential of human awareness for the past 15 years. More than ever we live in a time where humans are collectively "waking up" and being called to embrace our greater potential. To claim our birth rite of human awareness we must first be prepared to break our existing model of what is real and explore the unknown.

    Each week our group will consider a new element of WILD AWARENESS and through this element play in the world. All of us weaving a deeper and more alive relationship with the source of human perception.

    Nature Philosophy Co-Founders, Kate Rydge and Sam Robertson, will be your facilitators on this inspiring and expansive journey.

    We would love to hear from you if you'd like to BOOK a free 20 mins exploration call.

    Email info@naturephilosophy.com.au


    One upfront payment of $300 per person ($50 per call). Includes 6 x 1.5 hr group call series, recordings of every call and regular support via email.


    The Call Series is open to both men and women, 21yrs and above.  There will be key concept talks, personal home play and fun partner exercises to complete in between calls. .


    Program to be announced in second half of 2018.