Vision Quest Ceremony

If you are called to the Vision Quest you are ready to embrace a greater part of your true essence. You are ready to fulfill your unique Vision and embrace that which is blocking your growth.

Nature Philosophy has been facilitating Vision Quest Ceremonies for 15 years. Time and time again we have been blessed to see participants powerfully transform their lives through the beauty and wisdom of this ancient ceremony.


The Vision Quest is an ancient balm to our modern collective desire to discover a life full of purpose, sovereignty and deep nature connection.

Traditionally Vision Quests were undertaken by people seeking to clarify the power of their Vision (life's purpose) and as a rite of passage marking significant stages in life.  In these modern days, as your human soul navigates major life transitions, it will at times seek greater momentum to fully manifest its desired transformation. Through it's direct link to the source of creation the Vision Quest holds this power and provides this momentum. Vision Quest has the capacity to fundamentally release us from long held emotional and mental patterning.  

Sourced from the embrace of wild silence, the transformational journey of Vision Quest often feels like a deep calling - an unrelenting urge to heal from the greatest depth of your being.

Is the Vision Quest calling you?

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During a 4 day Vision Quest Ceremony participants stay within a small circle, free to respond to the moment - guided by their inner wisdom, while held within the Earth's and Creator's presence. In essence the Vision Quest is a fast from all things that are familiar in our normal life and includes fasting on water during the time spent in the Vision Quest circle.

At all times our Vision Quest participants have the chance to communicate their needs to their Protectors, but are essentially solo in nature for the length of their quest.

When we enter into this 4 day process we have the opportunity to transcend our day to day distractions and become open to embodying our essential truth.



The Vision Quest Nature Philosophy offers is a traditional sacred ceremony, passed down in America from a Southern Lipan Apache called Stalking Wolf. Stalking Wolf’s vision included preserving the common truths that ran through many cultures in North and South America.  He sought beliefs, spiritual practices and ceremonies that worked for all people regardless of their race or skin colour. As a result the Vision Quest he passed down has been stripped bare of Apache rituals and symbolism – leaving only the core elements and essential truths which lay at the heart of many Vision Quest ceremonies.

While the words “vision quest” are representative of this program’s distinctive North American heritage it is worth remembering that solo wilderness retreats have been found across all cultures since time began. It is our belief we are all encoded with a Vision for our life’s purpose which we can seek out and embody in the silence of the natural world.  



Our team of Quest Protectors have all received extensive training in this lineage with Malcolm Ring-walt from the Earth-Heart Institute in the USA and Nature Philosophy Co-Founders Kate Rydge & Sam Robertson. Through Malcolm's mentorship, Kate and Sam, have trained as Vision Quest Protectors and Trainers of Quest Protectors.

All Nature Philosophy Quest Protectors have extensive experience in their own questing journey and will be able to offer you safe and supportive counsel during this sacred and powerful time.

Cost: $990 (gst inclusive)


Nature Philosophy Vision Quest programs are held on the North Coast, NSW and run over 8 days. 4 days of which are the Vision Quest ceremony.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony is also offered at the start of the Vision Quest program to focus our group and prepare spiritually for the Quest.

Accommodation is tent camping, previous experience with spiritual retreats, sweat lodge and camping is not essential. All meals and water are provided for around a communal camp fire and each meal is prepared with beautiful whole foods.

An essential element to questing is preparation, so we ask all who are called to participate in the Vision Quest are in touch ideally 2-3 months before the Quest dates. We also accept registrations very close to the date of the Vision Quest, as we recognise a participant's powerful calling to Vision Quest as our ultimate guide.