January Wild Village rite of passage!


The seeds of our January Wild Village were powerful and potent - many parents were calling it a rite of passage -

The intensity of the cicada song, the masses of mosquitoes, the lush green 'jungle' land and the wet heat, all swirled together to form our nest for dropping as one tribe into deep connection.

The Wild Village finds joy and meaning in the wonders of the natural world, the squeals of joyful play, the simplicity of a dancing fire, the feel of natural fibres in our hands, wet clay squishing between our fingers, the silence of the night sky holding us as we sleep and all the magic in between...

This January Wild Village was also blessed by the presence of indigenous elders from both the local Gumbanggyirr and Yolngu nations. Their guidance and deep recognition of our Village experience allowed us as one family to stand firm on the ground, listening with our entire beings to the moment - remembering how to live with connection and care for everything we find in life's journey.

Through exploring indigenous parenting I feel each of us learned new ways to honour ourselves and the dreams and desires of our children. Mastering the journey of parenting is such a challenge in these digital and sugar fuelled times! We look forward to sharing some more insights from our parenting discussions and hope we can all continue to author an ever deepening understanding of authentic and powerful parenting.


Nature Philosophy's Wild Village connects elders, parents, mentors, young people and children with wild sourced wisdom and earth based community. We acknowledge that our Wild Village members are the change makers of the future. In exploring and learning from the dynamics of the Wild Village each member makes a vital contribution to the transformation of modern culture.

The Wild Village allows us all to discover and know we belong to something bigger - bigger than the "me" ideology which so often dominates our modern world. The Wild Village connects your family into a global movement where the ancient traditions of earth based communities are once again finding their relevance in the modern world.


We would love to invite your family to return to the Wild Village in the cooler months of April and October. We want to give preference to returning families and these programs fill very quickly so please let us know early if you can join us. There is also the opportunity for parents and friends of your family to join the Mentor team. Mentors are an essential element to the strength of our Wild Village. If this calls to you please be in touch with Sam at info@naturephilosophy.com.au

23rd - 28th April - Term 2 Holidays, 2018

1st - 6th October - Term 3 Holidays, 2018


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