Quest protector training

Quest Protector Training is a 10 day initiation into the pathway of Vision Quest Protection.

Are you called to guide people on the powerful rite of passage that is a Vision Quest?



In this extensive training program we will cover the spiritual and energetic skills of protecting a Vision Quest. Specifically this includes:

  • spiritual protection,
  • spiritual commitment,
  • detecting and interpreting areas on the land which contain light and dark influence,
  • personal and area shielding,
  • techniques to trigger silence so you can "see" beyond the physical world,
  • safe ways to navigate the transformational energy of the Vision Quest, and
  • understanding the dynamics of ceremony. 

Additionally, you will learn all the logistics required to safely organise, facilitate, and protect a Vision Quest for others.

There will be a mix of group process, key note presentations and dynamic learning experiences. Sweat Lodge ceremony is offered and a Vision Quest Ceremony will run in parallel with your training. This will enable you to gain direct experience with the power and energy of Vision Quest while "in training". It will also equip you with invaluable experience regarding the interaction of quest energy and the skills of protection. 

This program was originally designed to train only those called to the Vision Quest Protector path. However many people who never intend to protect a quest have taken this program as it suits their own unique spiritual needs. The spiritual teachings offered are universal, significantly deepen your personal Vision Quest experiences as well as empower your life journey.

This program culminates with the Second Level of Quest, which alone has the capacity to fundamentally transform us. See the description for the Seven Levels of Quest for more information about this and other levels of quest.



This training is based on the Vision Quest ceremony and teachings passed down by Stalking Wolf (Lipan Apache elder and Shaman) to Tom Brown Jr. and then to Malcolm Ringwalt who taught Kate Rydge and Sam Robertson.

Kate and Sam will be your Lead Instructors on this training. Kate & Sam have deeply committed to the journey of quest and from this place can offer you extensive experience with both personal Vision Quest and Vision Quest Protection.

We welcome anyone who has quested in this lineage to be in touch.

Prerequisite: 4 Day Vision Quest Ceremony

COST: $1,400


10 day program, includes all food, camping accommodation & tuition.